When it comes to food products, including beef and other types of protein, there are options available that fit an array of nutritional needs and lifestyles. You may have encountered different labels in store or online and wondered what each means. What is “natural” and why might you choose a “natural” product, particularly when purchasing beef? We’re here to help explain.

What Does “Natural” Mean?

The USDA defines “natural” as a product that contains no artificial ingredients, no added color, and is minimally processed1. A minimally processed product is processed so that the product’s fundamental state remains unaltered. A statement explaining these parameters must be included on the label of any product claiming to be “natural”.

Many products, from protein to produce, can meet those requirements. However, there are no third-party verification parameters set by the USDA for natural products, as there are for other labels, such as ‘Certified Organic’.

What is Natural Beef?

All fresh meat is considered natural. However, Natural beef is visibly labeled as containing no artificial ingredients and being minimally processed2. Since there aren’t further verification standards in place for natural beef, there can be variations in standards based on the brand.

Differences can include how cattle are raised, what they consume through their lifecycle, and how the beef is processed. It’s always a good idea to clarify what you’re seeing on natural beef labels and research natural beef producers to learn how they define natural beef.

thinkpure Natural Beef takes further measures to provide the highest quality natural beef products for your kitchen.

  • We source cattle from right here in the United States
  • Cattle are 100% vegetarian fed
  • Cattle are never given hormones or antibiotics
  • thinkpure Natural Beef products are gluten-free

Why Try Natural Beef?

Beef is flavorful and nutrient-rich with essential vitamins and minerals. Natural beef is a delicious option for anyone who enjoys eating beef with the added assurance that there are no added ingredients.

At thinkpure, we are committed to providing the highest quality natural beef that supports a passionately pure lifestyle, starting from the cattle we source and continuing all the way through to the natural beef you purchase in-store.

Looking for delicious Natural beef products? Find thinkpure Natural Beef near you on our where to buy page.

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